A large number of industrial observer partners are involved the project to ensure dissemination of knowledge into the target groups within the 2Seas area, increasing market uptake of the results. In the communication WP, the observer partners will help to impact an as large as possible audience within the 2Seas area, by publishing outcomes in journals and magazines.

  1. Northern France Innovation Development (NFID)
  2. InnovationQuarter (IQ)
  3. Netherlands Maritime Technology Foundation
  4. 3D Makers Zone – Smart Cooperation in Industrial 3D Printing
  5. Holland Instrumentation
  6. European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology (Euspen)
  7. Flanders Make
  8. School for research in the area of precision engineering (LiS)
  9. Heerema Fabrication Group
  10. Maritime Research Institute Netherlands
  11. Metals Technics 3D
  12. Prima Industries
  13. Fokker Technologies Holding BV
  14. Flanders Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Ecosystem (Flam3D vzw)
  15. Matikem
  16. Dredging International NV
  17. Additive Industries BV
  18. VOLUM-e 3D complex production
  19. Martek Marine Ltd.
  20. Rotterdam FieldLab Additive Manufacturing B.V. (RFAM)
  21. Huisman Equipment BV
  22. MAPPER Lithography
  23. Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR)
  24. Machine factory Bolier BV
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